Saturday, June 29, 2019

Walmart Refused To Cover Their Own Warranty

 I attempted to return a marine battery after 3 months. It failed to hold charge. The web page clearly stated 12 month full warranty exchange. However the customer service rep said the computer said it was not covered. I was told to contact manufacturer. I called them, they said 12 month full exchange warranty as on web page that it was a Walmart issue and gave me a Walmart number to call. Walmart National Customer Service confirmed it was covered 12 month warranty exchange for new one. They were to contact store, it would take 3 days. I returned to store, waiting in line again with the web page, and confirmation phone calls but asked for manager this trip. The manager said yes it is covered and directed the store customer service to exchange it. It took me 3 hours of my time, several calls, and 2 trips waiting in lines to finally get them to recognize their own advertised warranty. Not again, I will deal with Auto Zone from now on.