Thursday, April 05, 2007


With having to get back to work and life in general it has been hard to keep up with the blog on life after the Hurricane. I have made progress. Some painting, trim work, and minor repairs need to be done to the new Studio in Pearl River but for the most part things are getting back to normal. Life alone in the country is a new thing so I have been taking time off to visit places nearby. Most are still very damaged due to the storm, like my favorite spots at Bay St. Louis, MS. I like to ride my motorcycle over for lunch or dinner but the recovery is slow there. I am still cutting trees up so I can burn the pieces. I have about an acre to go but I managed to uncover the vital spots like the septic lines and retention pond, the sheds, and make a few paths around the back yard. Tree branches still crash down in hard winds. You can hear them fall even in the woods. I will try to keep up this post hurricane blog but as time moves on I have less time to blog.