Sunday, February 21, 2010

Removing More Storm Damaged Trees

Been a while since I posted here but want to catch up a little. Over the past few years damaged trees began to fall in the country. And at my son's house in Carrollton the entire fire place and chimney fell into the house. He just paid to have it removed and fixed but I certainly think the cave in from the bottom was due to the storm messing with the foundation. Had we thought that would happen right after Katrina we would have had it removed. It scared the tenants who now reside there as my son moved to Philadelphia.
A big oak tree fell over onto my trailer I use to move the lawn mowers around. It broke off the jack that holds it up bent the axle. I was surprised at how big a chunk fell and the damage it did. Many smaller trees are damaged, the top third seem to have died. I guess from the hard wind blowing must have made cracks that took time to die. The tops fall off, some big some small. So I have been targeting the trees I can get to and taking them down entirely. I got 3 done today but the clean up is harder then the cutting. A tree is a lot bigger on the ground then standing up. About 3 a day is all I can do. I still have leaners and hangers too. Big branches high up stuck in tree limbs. I tied a rope on one and pulled but all I did was break the rope. Another day another try. Seems the storm made a lifetime of work, unless you just move away.

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