Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Save The Marsh, Eat Nutria : New Orleans Fig Street Studio

Monday, January 10, 2011

Follow Up On Crime In USA

  A US Congresswoman was shot along with several other innocent people in Arizona. A child was killed, only 9 years old, in this mass shooting. Obvious to me this was not "terrorism" and not from radicals overseas. We still spend billions on two wars to protect us from "terror". We are economically strapped from these fake wars to protect us from some phantom from overseas. Congress funds them with no questions asked, like lemmings following the false reasons espoused by certain groups years ago. The longest and for sure costliest wars in our history. Meanwhile back at home 16,000 people get murdered per year. People are out of work, business failures, bailouts, banks getting tax money, children going without health care. Congress then wants to pass tax breaks for the wealthy, cut out health care. Splinter groups make the headlines with outlandish claims of socialism, birthers claim foul, the news is not news but a platform for the unreal of our society. Real issues get lost in made up slogans.  The cry of the day becomes the news. What has happened? The media is not acting responsible, not being professional journalists but taking the easy way out. If a paid group can come up with a claim and yell it loud enough the media runs with it like it is news. Well it isn't. The media is a fool. Easily swayed by well funded groups who catch the sound bites of the day.

 Wake up news media. Fact find the slogans. Be real journalists and get to the real issues facing us in the USA. Crime kills more Americans per year then any other "terror". Wars in foreign lands are not the answer to our safety. How many more innocent people have to be murdered because we cannot police our own country?

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