Friday, July 08, 2016

Beware of Sears and or K-Mart

 I purchased a garden hose on sale. After 3 weeks it began to fall apart. I had the hose and my sales receipt. I would have just got a replacement but when I went to customer service I was told I had to have the original packaging too. I explained had I known it would fall apart in 3 weeks I would have kept the packaging or better never bought the product. I said I was surprised at the policy and most likely never shop there again as other stores are in the same strip mall that also sell garden hoses. I was told the package would confirm I bought it there, the receipt should be enough proof to me.

 I then called a customer line and waited on the phone a few minutes then tried to email them about the incident. But that too was cumbersome. I now wasted time and effort over a sale item from Sears/K-Mart. Enough time and aggravation to have learned not to shop there again and tell everyone I know of the incident. Now they could have just let me get the replacement and that would have been that. I went across the street to another store got a hose and told them of the incident. They fully explained their policy and suggested I make a cell phone image of the warranty card to keep in case it brakes. So I have a new hose from another store and copies of the return policy and life time warranty all on my computer for future reference. And I may add it will be the last time I count on Sears.