Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Personalized Blue Letter Tile Stickers

  Great stickers for mail box, or on items at parties, or drive way signs done in New Orleans Style Blue Letters. E-mail for details to have one set up for you, your party, home, car, or ice chest. Sticks on easy. for details, costs, set up, or ideas.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Where to park your car in New Orleans

 My work takes me to the French Quarter almost daily. Tourists seem to think there is splenty  parking in the French Quarter and drive in to learn there is very limited places to park.It is best to prepare ahead, find a lot on the edges, Rampart St, Decatur, or any area out side the small narrow streets of the Quarter. On most big weekends the streets are closed off, as you try to get in it gets all backed up. Trying to drive in creates a massive traffic tie up and you and car get stuck for a long time going no where. Park the car on the edge of the Quarter and walk in, it is only a few blocks walk to every thing there. Parking outside the Quarter is cheaper and smart. See this page for details

 Plan ahead to not drive into the Quarter then get stuck as I see happen all the time. I am amazed at how people drive in then just get stuck trying to get back out, Large vehicles are forbidden and will get ticket. Illegally parked cars are towed off. The parking lots on Rampart St are cheaper then being towed and better then getting stuck going no where. Aslso see