Friday, August 25, 2006


I took off 3 weeks from rebuilding. The first time I left the area since Katrina. I visited Philadelphia,Atlantic City,Washington DC and NYC. A friend did a blog of my trip to Manhattan. I went to do nothing which we did in several places. See this link for my friends report I was able to put all the work behind me and after the first few days just relaxed. I hardly knew what was happening here at home unless someone told me. Few people asked about New Orleans, few had any idea of the large area devastated along the Gulf Coast. Most seem to think it only affected those people left in the Superdome as that is the image burned in their minds. I would always say there were over 300,000 people who were not at the Dome and were affected greatly by the storm but that does not have the effect of the images of the people at the Super Dome. Seems CNN has defined what Katrina did and not the facts. Well I am back and there is still about another year of work to be done to get settled back in a home so I started early this morning back planning what repairs to do next. The roof needs a few shingles so I may have to get on that with all of this rain.