Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beware of TextNow

 Some months back I downloaded the Text Now app to my tablet and used it through wifi for a few months. They offered minutes by doing certain things through the app. I used it mostly for text but made a few voice calls. I received an email about a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was pre-installed with Text Now and can be used as a cell phone. I bought it. It was reconditioned at $99. It went through a main cell service but had to also have wifi or data to access the towers. From day one I had issues with it as a cell phone. The carrier used has dead spots in my city, so I would have to walk away from my wifi a half block then use the data to make a cell call. I ran into several dead spots in places in my city. Thus I used up the data quickly. So I upped my monthly fees to try to have the use as a cell phone. But the phone itself would freeze up on occasions. I resorted to having to carry an old back up pay as you go phone so if the TextNow phone acted up I had access to make calls.
 I contacted customer service several times. I had to reset the phone, do other steps, followed all they said to do. Each week I had issues. The dead spots from the main carrier are an issue in my city. I ran into them a lot. But the cell phone itself was full of glitches. Finally one day the screen froze up and it did not work. I contacted customer service. At first they wanted me to do some of the rests I did several times before. But could not as the phone screen was frozen. I mailed it back for service. It took 2 weeks to get a phone back, but I had my old prepay to carry me over.
 I emailed and discussed the issues before mailing it back for several days, explaining I could not do resets. I was never told I would be charged any fees as I had a warranty. I assumed it would be repaired under the warranty. However a month later a $99 charge appeared on my credit card I use for the monthly fees. No one told me of any charge I was not notified in any manner. I just discovered it on my card. I had to contact them for an explanation. After a few emails I was told the LCD had a crack. I am not sure what that even means. Never explained more than that. I was then told they would research it and get back to me. After 3 weeks of not hearing a word I contacted them.
They offered some sort of deal. Basically I would get a cheap phone from them and be out $110. I had also notified my credit card company and BBB of the issue. So the offer they made would save me $88 but I would not have the Samsung Galaxy S3 I purchased originally and be out $110. Then I am sure I would still have the issue of the dead zones and who knows what else.
 I now wait to hear back from my credit card company and the BBB. I have little faith in Text Now. I also discovered the phone went on sale for $49 while I was charged the $99 secretly on my card. I mentioned this to customer service but they said that was just a special for new customers. Seems they do not care about current customers. So beware if you get a phone through them and know what dead zones are in your city before you buy from them.


 Text Now has now agreed to refund the $99 secret charge made to my credit card and apologized for the misunderstanding. Four months after our many emails.