Friday, April 28, 2006

The Addition

I guess the sad thing is that I had to give up. Before the storm we had 5 people living at Fig House, if I return there will be only one. My 2 daughters have all settled in in new places, my son and his wife are now in his little house on the corner, Soloman the cat is a little confused but getting used to the new front porch at my son's place. I have to move on, Fig House is way too big for someone at my age wanting to slow down and smell the roses. Most of the repairs are going well and my son is listing it for sale. I have begun an addition at my cabin in the woods. Just an open room to use as an art studio, living room, office area, whatever I choose to do in a room 12 by 24 with wall to wall windows. The cabin was too small to have an art studio in it, so we remove the old garage doors and add a large room and I am settled in. No flooding and most of the large trees are gone so it should be relatively safe for storms. Only 35 miles from New Orleans but with all the traffic about an hour drive into the city when I have to go most weekends. I can stay with the kids when necessary but gas prices forced me to get a motorcycle for transportation. Just any excuse would have done, Honda Shadow Aero. Hope for good weather.
I will post the progress on the addition as it gets built and the sale of the Fig House too. Let's all hope this was the last of the mega storms to hit our area at least for many years to come.