Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Inside

I am taking 2 weeks off to do the inside of the addition and hopefully get a little garden out front. The big thing was what to do for a floor and fast so I can get back to painting. I settled on a latex concrete stain. The key was the acid treatment before it is applied and a consistent application, 2 things I did not do well. But it looks fine for what it is. I had thoughts of also cutting in groves so it looked like tiles but time took that out of the picture. I can always go back to do that. The other issue is making the old match the new, for now rugs hide those spots until I can get to them. The big task is hanging all the paintings. The walls are great as they are real wood so nailing is easy but the paintings are various sizes and shapes so I have less wall space than I have paintings. I am just putting them up for now and will arrange them later? I also need to figure out a crate to sit those in I cannot hang so I can rotate them as I feel like. I need to pick out a spot in the room to set up an easel and arrange how I will paint. I may use the area as the final painting area and do the designs and initial work upstairs in my office space. I like to work on the composition a while before I begin and make the initial drawings etc using my computer to test colors, shapes, and placement. A process I use now days compared to the older sketch book. Van Gogh would be surprised at how much I use the computer in my painting process. My old art teachers would gasp. But we are in the computer age and I intend on using it as I need especially selection of colors and viewing things close up for shapes, like the negative space we need to paint. Next project is a garden out front but it may not be in this 2 week time lot.