Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Blazer

I bought my 1987 Red Chevy Blazer in 1987. It was a great vehicle. I used it throughout those family years. Family trips to Florida, Boy Scout camping trips, canoeing, my son even got to use it through high school. I never sold it, as my intentions was when I had time to fully restore it. I parked it under a large Oak tree, cranking it up every few months and taking it out when I went canoeing. Finally I have been able to cut it out of the trees that crushed it during the storm. I am thinking of leaving it, a memorial of sorts to the frailty of human existence and the philosophy of do it now, which normally I follow. Had I restored it I would not have parked it under a large oak during a hurricane. At least the large oak is growing back and may make a nice place to hang a swing, when I finally get to remove the crushed Red Chevy Blazer.