Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fig House

Finally using my friends house in Metairie as a base I snuck into see my home. Yes, snuck. I had to wait until the City said the French Quarter was open and told the National Guard at the entrance to the City on Metairie Road that I was going to a friends place in the French Quarter to help. I took the Interstate 10 and got off at Carrollton Ave. Dodging a lot of debris but few cars or people I made it to the house. I immediately began to clean up the trash and debris in the yard trying to make the front look like someone cared. The eerie thing was inside it looked like it did when we left but strange smells and funny bugs. We had 2.8 feet of water in the neighborhood, see the water marks on the picket fence. I first thought we were lucky as it seemed that when the electricity would be available we could come back. At that time all the utility poles were down in the street and the wires disconnected from the house. Large tree limbs were all around too. I just worked out side and moved the refrigerators to the back porch. All in all at that time I felt things were not that bad. The city was opening up neighborhoods by zip code and I thought they just forgot about our code, as it was over 2 months before they said 70125 was open. By then I did a lot of clean up. But I was in for a surprise about the utilities.