Saturday, February 08, 2014

Water Well Pump Repair

 With the very cold weather here in the south my water well pump stopped working. It was too cold to work on it right away with ice storm so finally when it cleared I was able to examine it. If the pump itsel is OK, then the on off switch is the issue. This time it was something in the little black tube that measures the water pressure in the holding tank. Apparently it ices up from humidity and the switch would not turn on. I cleaned things up, sprayed silicone lubricant and now it works.
 I post it here in case someone needs to know how to quick check and repair a water well pump that stops in an ice storm.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Personalized Blue Letter Tile Stickers

  Great stickers for mail box, or on items at parties, or drive way signs done in New Orleans Style Blue Letters. E-mail for details to have one set up for you, your party, home, car, or ice chest. Sticks on easy. for details, costs, set up, or ideas.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Where to park your car in New Orleans

 My work takes me to the French Quarter almost daily. Tourists seem to think there is splenty  parking in the French Quarter and drive in to learn there is very limited places to park.It is best to prepare ahead, find a lot on the edges, Rampart St, Decatur, or any area out side the small narrow streets of the Quarter. On most big weekends the streets are closed off, as you try to get in it gets all backed up. Trying to drive in creates a massive traffic tie up and you and car get stuck for a long time going no where. Park the car on the edge of the Quarter and walk in, it is only a few blocks walk to every thing there. Parking outside the Quarter is cheaper and smart. See this page for details

 Plan ahead to not drive into the Quarter then get stuck as I see happen all the time. I am amazed at how people drive in then just get stuck trying to get back out, Large vehicles are forbidden and will get ticket. Illegally parked cars are towed off. The parking lots on Rampart St are cheaper then being towed and better then getting stuck going no where. Aslso see

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl New Orleans Fireworks on the River

New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII, 2013  Festivities

 I spent the evening at the Super Bowl display on the river front. It was free with music stages, food booths, and corporate tent displays. Not very crowded. The highlight was the bring up a barge with light display, projected replays of games, music, ending in a lot of fire works. Great thing to see and do. I took a few pictures with my cell phone.

NFL Experience, Saints display.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL - YouTube

"THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL - YouTube: ""

 This is the funniest thing I have watched on You Tube.

Coco Robicheaux and Bluecat

 Curtis and I met sometime ago across the lake. Years after I caught up with him in New Orleans when he adopted the stage name Coco Robicheaux. I saw him, knew I knew him but it took a while until we realized who each other were. We laughed as we both adopted names. I went by Bluecat after the catfish I use to catch and cook in Indian Village near Slidell where Coco and I first met. We both shared stories and loosely kept in touch. The week before he died we had a little drink together. Never did I think at that time it was our last visit here until we meet again. I have several Coco stories as we seemed to run into each other at odd times, grocery, doctor's office, walking. Just crossing paths on life's journey. He is missed, my friend "Coco". He became a singer, I a painter. We both went into the arts and loved the swamp. We frequented the swamps around the north-shore and it shows in my art and his songs.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Health Care Costs Disputed at Slidell Memorial Hospital

 I recently watched the CBS Report by Steve Kroft on Sixty Minutes- Hospitals: The Costs of Admission all about unnecessary tests and admissions. This actual happened to me.

 I am right now in the mist of disputing the over $6,000.00 I was billed by Slidell Memorial Hospital when I went one time to get an EKG. Early one morning I had a sever chest pain and called my nurse daughter. She said to get get an EKG at the hospital. I drove to the emergency room thinking this would be a short simple process. Well what happened was I was strapped in a bed and spoke with a nurse for 5 minutes. A series of test were begun. Blood, X-Ray and finally the EKG. A doctor came in to visit about 5 minutes and told me the test were negative but he was keeping me for observation? I assumed I would wait there a few more minutes instead a nurse came in and said they needed my room and would move me to another. I was placed in a ward and laid there for hours. Another blood test was taken and another EKG about 5 hours later. The fellow next to me recounted a similar story and decided he would simply leave and tried many times to get a doctor to come see him. I was more patient waiting to find out why it took so long for me to simply get an EKG? After 8 hours a different doctor came in to tell me the second tests were also negative and he was releasing me. It took about 9 hours total. I should have left sooner. All test from the first on were negative. The delay and additional test were useless except it ran my medical bill up to $8,000.00. That's for going to get an EKG. I could have waited 3 more hours and go to a walk in clinic and the bill would have never been in the thousands of dollars. I am disputing all of the bills especially $1,600 for a doctor I spoke to for 5
 After seeing the report from Steve Kroft on Sixty Minutes I am sure what was done in my case is the same thing. Unnecessary tests and unnecessary admission to run up a profit. Shame on the Slidell Memorial Hospital for doing this. I am sure they did the same to the other fellow in my room. He was objecting loudly asking why was he in the hospital when all he had was a stomach ache? I paid for the tests and doctors who read the tests, all under one hundred dollars. The hospital bill was reduced to $3,000.00 but several hospital or emergency physicians still claim $1,400 in doctor fees. One I never saw or met, the other two I saw less then 5 minutes each. I am fighting those and disputing the hospital bill as it should not cost $6,000 to go get an EKG.
 I will never set foot in Slidell Memorial Hospital again. It is a shame they do this to people who are in pain when they come to a hospital.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Never Buy From JC Whitney on Web

This is picture, but not  what was shipped.

  Recently I purchased a "visor" for my motorcycle helmet from JC Whitney. I used their search engine and a picture of a visor came up, I ordered 2 and what was delivered was nothing like the picture or description. I returned them with a letter. I was credited the price of the part but had to pay both shipping to me and shipping back. The one way shipping charges were more then the part itself. I complained, they ignored me. So I urge anyone who can read this to never buy a thing from JC Whitney on the web. I think posting a picture of the item shipped would have avoided me from purchasing the item. They feel I was wrong yet a picture of another item is very misleading and fraud in my book.

 After this incident I went to E-Bay and ordered from a seller there. I got a visor just like the one pictured. Shipped to me correctly. A little more in price, shipping included. Not a waste of my time and money like the misleading transaction at JC Whiteny. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Having a picture of the part shipped is no real effort. Look at all the pictures I manage to post on the web.

PS:  After beginning my efforts to alert all my friends and associates about the bum deal I got from JC Whitney. First I kept e-mailing JC Whitney and getting no response to my complaint. Then I did this blog post, then I started posting this blog all over the many social networks, they contacted me via my Twitter post about them:

"JC_WhitneyNov 26, 7:15pm via HootSuite
@figstreetstudio Hi, JK. We read your post about the visor order issue. Can you provide us with the order #? We'd like to look into it."

 I sent them my order number as requested and patiently waiting to see if someone in their customer service realizes posting a misleading picture then keeping the shipping costs is not what a customer oriented sales group does. I'll keep up my campaign until I feel vindicated. Sorry to say JC Whitney even if I get my shipping costs back it does not erase the fact that a misleading picture got me to purchase a product from you that was not the product shipped.

 RESPONSE I got from customer service. One of several asking silly questions.

"We checked our records and reviewed the order. We would like to know the exact difference of the item received from the image we have online. Would it be possible if you can send a sample image of the actual part received or marked the portion of the image we have provided online? "

 As if I took a picture of the part they sent to me! This means they have no idea what part they shipped me. I can say this it ain't no visor. From their own part number they should be able to find out without me having to take a photo of what they shipped. Each e-mail I send them they send  back this type of response. They want me to explain a picture of a "visor" on a helmet in the part description and a picture of a visor showing up in a search engine is not the part they shipped? The picture is not what was shipped and sorry I took no picture of what was shipped to back me up. But I am sure they can simply look in the package I paid to ship back to them to find out.


Turns out I am dealing with two customer service reps. One out of country who already gave me a bad e-mail address to him and another one who is based in social networks because I posted a link to this blog on Twitter. The out of country asked for the picture and my phone number. So now the other social network guy repeated to me they want a picture and my phone number. Well my phone  number is in the last 6 e-mails I sent as it is in my signature. You know, like name, address phone, so they have it. The picture I addressed several times to them. Who takes a picture of a part returned and how can you after it is returned. So now it looks like the game plan is to repeatedly ask me silly questions to maybe discourage me. Well it has fueled me into posting more about how poor customer relations is at JC Whitney. Post a picture misleading customer. The having customer service send silly e-mails asking questions answered over and over again.  Now with 8 e-mails back and forth telling them the same things over and over. I assume that they will ignore my complaint altogether. Let me say this they have my number, and I have there's.

 Well its been a month since my first e-mail to JC Whitney. Seems they respond with questions, then never answer directly. Just ask me to explain. Then when I posted things in the social networks another response with more questions. It has become obvious they think customer service is ask questions but ignore complaint. Then when they get bad press in the social networks ask more questions, ignore complaint.  So I'll just keep up posting about this blog and my experience with JC Whitney's lack of customer service, and placing the wrong pictures up of parts. They did claim the pictures are not part specific. A warning that should be displayed on the pictures not after someone purchases the product to discover it is not what is pictured. Be warned JC Whitney posts non-part specific pictures of parts then disclaims liability after the fact. Better yet never buy anything from JC Whitney, avoid the issue.

 Thanks to the latest e-mail from the seller a new customer relations fellow sent me these pictures. It has what was pictured in the sale section and what was delivered, as you see not a "visor". So I have a new rep, 4th one now, with pictures of what was sent me. Yet, the picture of the part was not what was on the sales description. See how easy it is to mislead you with the wrong picture.

Just one last thing we would like to clarify.

Is this clear plastic sheet the item you received?? And are you expecting the visor to come with the shield?"

FINALLY! after after all of this!

  This morning I was paid back the original shipping costs on the items purchased from JC Whitney. The 4th and last customer service rep was the one who sent the pictures above of the item on the order page and the actual part delivered. He said he understood the confusion and credited my account. I did not seek my return costs. They require a receipt which I did not keep anyway but had they simply refunded the entire amount in the first place I would not have considered my shipping cost back. Nor would have done this blog and the long series of e-mails.

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