Sunday, January 22, 2006


I will now try to get back to my Katrina story. As we know I had a 'Plan B' which was to get my cabin on the North Shore fixed up so the family could live there pending repairs to the house in New Orleans but even the North Shore was devastated. So after 2 weeks away I took time to try to help my friend in Metairie. We drove from the cabin to her place off Metairie road. The water there was about 3 feet but had gone down by the time we could make it. Lucky for her no water got inside but there was a lot of tree damage. A large branch fell through the roof into a room. I was able the first day to cut and remove the branch and lightly patch the one foot hole in the roof, enough so the elements would not get in. One of the large problems was the neighborhood pets all seemed to find their way inside the house during the 10 days or so of flood waters. The entire house was full of mess. We could not stay overnight at first so we drove back to the cabin and called repairmen to meet us in Metairie for electrical and air conditioning work. It weather was hot and dry. The temperature was 97 degrees when I was on the roof cutting away tree limbs so air conditioning was a big priority. After a few days there helping clean, cut, repair I was able to finally get into the city to see my place.