Friday, June 09, 2006


Although not as fast as I would like the 'addition' is coming along despite some minor set backs like the building supply running out of 2x4's. Yes a few shortages and a few lessons learned but we are moving along. I would change a few color choices and try to use 'water clean up' stains but all in all the 'addition' is about what I expected and needed to get back into a safe comfortable home where I can live and work. My work is art and painting mostly but for now the painting is 'house painting' until the place is done and I can finally get back to what I was doing before the storm. Seems like a never ending project. The 'Fig House' did sell so that is one less work project now. I can devote more time to my 'addition' but soon will have to help my daughter move to Metairie from Jackson, Ms where she has been since the storm. I am not looking forward to moving furniture again, I have been moving stuff for months now like pieces on a checker board. Keeping things here until I can put them there. After the 'addition' is finished I plan on getting rid of stuff and getting mats and pillows, no end tables or book shelves. Less furniture more cushions, maybe a tent in case I need to move on. A 'Hurricane Nomad'.