Thursday, February 09, 2006

Biding Time In Metry

Initially I had no idea of all the devastation east of me. I put on blinders and went in each day to clean and secure Fig House and help my son with his little house on the corner. We had to climb the roofs of both houses and make needed repairs as both homes had holes in the roofs. His had a large tree branch sitting in his bath room. Fig House had many little holes from flying debris that stuck into the shingles. We worked around down power lines, large trees and lots of trash that floated around. Our thought was get a secure roof so no more water gets in, not knowing we would not have rain for weeks. A small blessing. The damage to both homes was not readily apparent. Although the corner house was just remodeled in August 2004 so it seemed to do better than the old Fig House. We took our time to be sure the patch would hold up in any thunderstorms and learned a lesson from my friend in Metairie. The nice patch I did there was removed by the Blue Roof repairmen and they placed a much less secure patch. They put nail holes into the tarp to the big hole in the roof so water just seeped in from the patch they made. From that lesson I was there when the Blue Roof people came to the two houses on fig Street and told them to place their bigger patch over the existing patches I made. I knew the double patch had a better chance than some poorly done blue roof. Making assumptions that the help given is competent is a wrong assumption. We worked on cleaning and securing as I helped friends in Metairie with repairs when I could not accomplish things at Fig House. Then we found out about the electric.