Sunday, March 19, 2006


Having the roof repaired and the electrical it was time to begin painting the walls inside. There were many little yellow spots on the walls and ceilings from water staining. As we painted halls and rooms the little spots reappeared? Finally my son decided to take a piece of wall down to see if the roof still leaked to discover that the iron water pipes were split at the junctions in several places. We did replace an out side drain under the house as it had split at the junction we just thought that it broke. Which it did but most likely from the strong winds picking up the house or shaking it too much. Now 2 bath room walls need to come down to dry out the wet spots and replace the plumbing. A call has been placed back to the insurance company to see if this will be covered. I can only imagine how the house shook, some pictures fell to the floor and a lot of the neighbors shingles broke into some windows and stuck deep into the ground. Seems as you try to rebuild more and more damage is discovered and more and more problems encountered with returning home.