Friday, January 20, 2006


Rebuild new orleans

Another Post-Katrina reality is the disparity between Louisiana and Mississippi in getting the Federal Government to respond. As people in Louisiana fight among themselves over race, removing washed away homes, dilapidated neighborhoods with no chance to recover and a large probability to flood over and over, the State of Mississippi had published a plan and gotten Congress to fund it. See this article for more details.
I am astonished that we who are trying to rebuild still try with all the turmoil and obstacles created by our leaders and those people who seem to think it is time to protest any progress rather than work together for a better place to live. New Orleans seems doomed to failure not because of the storm but because of the lack of effective leadership. We need to pull together and get America's support and not play race games, and blame the people who work hard for the problems created by social ills in the poor areas of the city. Those ills are created by those in that community not 'Uptowners'. Stop the blaming of others and get to fixing the problems.