Sunday, March 12, 2006


I guess going without electricity for 5 months would seem silly if you told me that 6 months ago. But many here in New Orleans still do not have electricity and some may never get it. Fig House was spared direct water damage except it sat under the old house for 10 days or so and the electrical lines that were moved from the attic to the stringers under the house were all soaked and needed to be redone along with the entire service box as it was dated and needed replacing. Just $17,000 and 5 months later there is electricity again. Again though the wiring had to be placed under the house so if we flood again good luck. The roof has been repaired just $8,500 but actually in the next 5 years we would have had to get a new one anyway.
Progress is being made weekly as I travel back and forth from my cabin in the woods where I still repair and cut trees then to Fig House to do repairs and paint. We replaced some siding and repairing fences, at the rate we are going we hope to have most repairs done by June. By then I will have begun the final repairs to the cabin in the woods. I think I will stay there for the next hurricane season, no flooding and now no trees left to fall over.