Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Gate

The old gate was something I rigged up some 10-12 years ago with several repairs over time due to someone hitting hit. Usually with a boat or trailer. My helper was getting supplies on a large trailer and bent one of the two swing gates. He must have felt bad as he brought over a larger farm gate I had on my property in Talisheek and two large posts. He offered to help with the replacement. I really wanted to do a wooden farm fence and gate at a later date having to complete the inside of the addition but as he offered to help we placed the large posts in the ground and I got to work putting up the gate and fencing needed to widen and move back the gate. The old gate was too close to the highway and any trailer set out until the gate could open. Now it is farther off and a bit hidden by bamboo. I used materials found at my place in Talisheek that was severely damaged by the high winds of Katrina. I will not rebuild there, way too much work. The best use of gates, post, and whatever from there would be here at the new addition. I managed to carefully remove the Muscadine grapes growing on the old fencing and place them back on the new. Seems the grape vine loves that certain spot and after years of trying to get it to grow in another area it has come back and is producing grapes. The biggest lesson here was what I thought was going to be an easy 2 day job ended up being a week. What I should have done was just build the permanent fence and gate as the temporary was more work than I envisioned. The best plan would have been leave the old bent gate up until I had the time and inclination to do the wooden farm fence. This temporary will have to stay up a lot longer due to the time and effort it took to get it up. At least it is wider, back more off the roadway thus safer.