Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Lumber Jack

Putting out my mind the images from the TV and getting right to work cutting trees and limbs gave me a goal to accomplish, albeit almost impossible without help and heavy machines. I went from sun up to sun down alone until my 2 daughters arrived to help. I would cut trees into manageable portions the size of a wheelbarrow so we could cart them to the front right of way for the parish to pick up. I did this a few days, enough so we could get down the driveway and around the cabin. I barely removed the 2 massive trees that leveled my Chevy Blazer, still today it is partially covered in trees. Too busy with other tasks now to even cut a path to the shed in the back. Lucky for me a Church friend stopped in and offered hot meals and a shower. His home was in a little better shape with electricity on. He also offered to allow my friend Alice to stay with his family while I roughed it out in the camper with no real electricity. We planned on checking on her home in Metairie in a few days after I got the electrical connection done to the cabin. I wanted to be sure I spent enough time at the cabin to have it habitable as we still did not know what lays ahead. I still have the image of the fire and water near Fig Street from CNN and did not know if my house in the city even stood.