Friday, January 13, 2006

Plan "B"

Having seen the immense and widespread damage caused by Katrina's winds and high water first hand it took a while to re-think. The original plan of getting the family all huddled up in St. Tammany was not possible. We then decided on alternate routes back to New Orleans. I was going to head back to my cabin as soon as I obtained a chain saw and generator in Mississippi, which took a while to find. I would live in the camper while cutting my way through the downed trees. My son off to new friends in Carencro, La. One daughter staying in Jackson, another going to her friend's in River Ridge, La. My friend Alice will stay with a church family in Clinton, MS. It actually took a few days to get Plan B in effect, gas stations closed all over Mississippi, no generators to be found but Wal-Mart had a lot of chain saws, just no gas to run them. After a day or 2 of planning I ventured out from Clinton, stopping at a Kroger to gas up a few store bought cans for gasoline. I got a few days worth of food and off I went.
Trees, trees everywhere, no place to even walk up to the cabin. I had to cut a path just to try to get the generator close enough to the camper. It took the whole day to just get that accomplished, and pick up some meals Ready To Eat at the local POD. At least I felt I was accomplishing something rather than being huddled up in a motel room scared by news reports.