Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Huddled Up In Jackson

Huddled up in a motel room in Jackson, Ms. with 8 people, 2 dogs, and 2 cats my son and I discussed plans. The media had us almost afraid to move, somewhat frozen in the barrage of images of our city flooded, in flames, and being looted. But we finally decided to first head out to my little cabin in the woods of St. Tammny Parish. We thought maybe we could get out of the motel and be closer to head into the city. We picked a day, Wednesday, September 7th to see what was up. We took some old friends from Slidell, La. who also wanted to check on their home. Getting gasoline was the biggest obstacle. We had to drive around to find an open station and plan on re-fueling to get back too. The trip there was a real eye opener. All the way from Jackson through Mississippi trees down, power lines down, and closed businesses. The storm did not stop creating damage it went on and on. Finally we arrived at my driveway but every tree on the 2 acre site was down or broken over. We could barley walk to the cabin but the roof was OK, some blown out windows and doors, no electrical connection, 2 large trees took off the electrical box. Lucky for me the small camper I had there was spared major damage, a few branches fell on and over it but it was standing up, not like my Chevy Blazer which was crushed by 2 large trees. My son took the friends to what was left of their home after 12 feet of water washed things around and returned to make more decisions. What next?