Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Barn

Finally after a year of work and rebuilding the damages caused by Katrina I made it to the Barn to see what damage has been done. About 90% of the tin has been blown off the roof. Water gets inside and now weeds are growing up. A neighbor had the smaller out buildings pushed over with a small dozer as they were all leaning away from the wind. Safer to push them over then have them fall on anyone.
No insurance on those buildings. I owned the Barn for 28 years and maintained it in fair shape using it now and then for storage and on occasions a few animals. I always thought I would convert it into something, a house, a large studio, some useful building. It appears to be a total loss so I will ignore it for now, too busy cutting trees out of the back yard, removing branches, and finishing off the Addition to the Cabin. The Barn can wait, maybe it will go away? Funny NBC news had a broadcast about the loss of old barns in America and how some people are trying to save them on the same day I surveyed the damage to my Barn.