Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Back Yard

Finally I have begun a little work on reclaiming part of the back yard. Katrina downed most all the trees and placed a lot of branches over the entire yard. I had some help early on from my kids getting the front somewhat cleared but the back sat as I did other major rebuilding jobs. Using chain saw and the 'carbonization chamber' I have been able to clear a small area. I have decided after working 3 weeks on this project to make an imaginary line through the back yard and clear only up to that spot. The rest can sit and rot. The process is cut tree trunks and branches to a small size, pick them up and burn them. After the land is exposed ride the lawn tractor over cutting the briars and weeds that have grown up. Hard work but as you see from the pictures the process works and I now have a small proton of the back yard reclaimed after one year of repairs and rebuilding. Now I need to plan on painting the exterior of the addition.

This is a photo of the same area right after Katrina. Anything that was there is covered in tree parts. All of the yard was in the same condition. I took the pictures from atop a tin roof over my back porch. Below is a picture of part of the backyard from ground level of the same trees and part of the back porch after I made a path around the cabin in September 2005.