Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coco Robicheaux and Bluecat

 Curtis and I met sometime ago across the lake. Years after I caught up with him in New Orleans when he adopted the stage name Coco Robicheaux. I saw him, knew I knew him but it took a while until we realized who each other were. We laughed as we both adopted names. I went by Bluecat after the catfish I use to catch and cook in Indian Village near Slidell where Coco and I first met. We both shared stories and loosely kept in touch. The week before he died we had a little drink together. Never did I think at that time it was our last visit here until we meet again. I have several Coco stories as we seemed to run into each other at odd times, grocery, doctor's office, walking. Just crossing paths on life's journey. He is missed, my friend "Coco". He became a singer, I a painter. We both went into the arts and loved the swamp. We frequented the swamps around the north-shore and it shows in my art and his songs.