Sunday, March 20, 2011

Katrina Trash Sculpture


  I have been working on clearing my back yard of fallen trees left from the storm.  As I remove the leaners and hangers, brush and debris I recover things covered over for years. My old pirogue was crushed, motor boat got a hole that a small tree grew in. So I took the mess and trash and made a ‘Katrina Trash Sculpture’. I placed it in front of the propane tank, removing one eyesore for another. What to do with the tings that once meant something but were removed from thought and action by the storm. Just throwing them away belittles the trauma caused by the very strong winds. Winds that changed so many lives and the way we live now. No more pirogue, motorboat, and odds and ends. I did find the old volley ball net and it survived, I was surprised. Made of nylon and in a torn plastic bag covered in twigs and leaves. It now hangs  between two  new small growing trees, a testament that life goes on.
Part of the pirogue crushed by fallen tree and the volleyball net. Now I have to get back to work.

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