Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cutting trees in Pearl River

yes I am still cutting trees that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina in my back yard. My daughter and son-in-law helped one day but for 2 weeks I have managed to cut 8 trees so far. if the chain saws would work better I could get more done. Of that time I spent 4 days getting the saws to work. Sharpening chains, cleaning up the engine area, trying to get the kinks out. Both had pull start problems. The Craftsman finally Incredi Pull gave out after I cleaned the plug, cleaned it up sharpened the blade, etc. i pulled and broke went the Incredi Pull device. A small piece of black plastic fell out but I gave up for now as one saw worked. I went with it and cut 5 trees before I went broke too.
The tops were cracked and rotted, began to fall off, big chunks too. The Red headed Woodpeckers loved it but it was dangerous as one big chuck fell in the bed of my pick up one windy night. I wold come home to find big branches all over the yard, roof, and just lucky no real damage occurred yet. I still need to remove more.

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